Hey there, thanks for checking out my website!

My name’s Nicholas Mosher, and I’m a Software Engineering major at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Originally I’m from the Eastern Shore of Virginia, where I went to Nandua High School and participated on FRC team 1829, the Carbonauts (coincidentally, RIT was founded in 1829, so now I have twice as many shirts with that number on it now!).

As far as my technical preferences go, I’m a huge fan of Linux - my primary OS is Ubuntu. My favorite programming languages are Java and C, for which I use Intellij and Vim to edit, respectively. I’ve dabbled with quite a bit of Android development, but now I’ve become more interested with the Linux, under-the-hood side where everything feels much lower level and mysterious - at least for the time being. I’m really into robotics, but mostly as a hobby since it’s a mix of mechanical, electrical, and software engineering and I tend to stick to software - though in another life I could definitely see myself becoming a mechanical engineer.

When I’m not doing work-like-productive-things, I enjoy doing fun-but-not-necessarily-unproductive things. Growing up surrounded by water, I’ve got a love for boating and watersports like skiing and wakeboarding, but having family in the north, I found that I love snowboarding and winter sports too! I’m hoping to find a few weekends every winter for the rest of school to get out on the slopes.

If you’re here because you’re evaluating an application I filled out, or if you’re trying to reach me about a project I’ve done, great! I hope you have these links already, but if not you can find my LinkedIn and my GitHub accounts online, you can get a recent copy of my resume right here, and of course, my email is nicholastmosher@gmail.com.